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This is an archived copy of the page from the 2017 Burien City Council election.
Re-Elect Debi Wagner
Burien City Council
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Dear Neighbors, Friends and Burien Residents:

I disavow the mailing from Respect Washington. I have also stated publicly that I knew nothing of the mailer in advance and was not consulted. I am also shocked at printing names and addresses of individuals in the community who may now be concerned about their safety.

I donated to Respect Washington for a victims fund they had advertised to help a 19 year old Burien resident who had been brutally attacked, was badly injured and in the hospital. At the time there had been no disclosure of another donor who was subsequently determined by the Southern Poverty Law Center to be a white nationalist.

The city of Burien has issued a statement to reassure the community and this can be accessed at I want to move Burien forward, have been honored to serve and look forward to hearing from you. We have a lot to be proud of and I am excited about our future.

Occupation: Market Research, Sales/Customer service (retired), 35 years of business experience/accounting and management, Author.

Education: Highline College/Advanced music training, Certified Crime Stopper Training

Volunteer Experience: 25 years - Highline Schools, PTSA, Community Orchestra musician, President of CASE, Vice President of US-CAW, Burien CleanSweep, Quiet Skies Coalition, Transform Burien

It has been an honor to serve you. My husband and I have raised our family in Burien, worked and volunteered in the schools, community and environment.

Public safety has been and will continue to be my top priority, adding police officers this summer. Vigorous application of existing laws to keep our library and neighborhoods safe for families is critical.

Accomplishments include joining with citizens to stop a new flight path, requiring high quality development, filling vacant town square store fronts, partnership with city and schools offering expanded programs for youth activities. I currently support and volunteer with great community partners who provide assistance, programs and training benefiting vulnerable populations and those wishing to transition out of homelessness.

Election 2017 Update

Please see my October 25, 2017 post on the B-Town Blog.
I am proud to announce I've received the following endorsements: My Commitment:

I would appreciate your vote and look forward to working with you in making Burien an even better place to live, work and play.

In recommending me for the city council, Burien's founding First Mayor and co-author of "Carbon Reduction - Policies, Strategies and Technologies" Arun Jhaveri said; "I have known Debi for many years, as a passionate and dedicated Community Leader, working in the areas of Environment, Education, Fiscal Policies, Children Causes, and Sustainability. As a wife, mother, and champion of local issues, she has demonstrated her leadership qualities of vision, integrity, diplomacy, communication, coordination, accountability, and transparency."

Your support in my campaign for City Council is greatly appreciated. Please help spread the word, and if you can make a financial contribution as well, make a check payable to Friends to Elect Debi Wagner and mail it to the address below. The maximum amount I can accept from any individual donor is $1,000.

I can now accept donations via PayPal

Thank you for your support, and please be sure to vote.

To view information about my position in 2013 and to see how we've done, please see our Candidate News page from 2013.

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